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The nursery-kindergarten „Saulutė“ was established on the 16th March 1969. It was the first standard kindergarten of 280 positions in Raseiniai and at the time there were 12 groups and 60 employees.

On the 24th of November 2014 the premises were expanded and activities implemented in the second building of the kindergarten. The second building is located at 13 Darius ir Girėnas St., Raseiniai. The premises contain function rooms, fit for the 5 pre-school kindergarten grade groups, including the physical education gym, the hall of musical education, employee offices, kitchen and canteen.

There are 16 groups in all in the kindergarten.

In 2016, the kindergarten was granted the status of a health-conscious institution, improving the health of its pupils.

The educational ideas of Reggio Emilia have been actively applied since 2017. Consistent long-term social-emotional educational learning programmes „Time together“ and „Kimochis“ are also successfully applied in kindergarten „Saulutė“.

The kindergarten became a member of the Association of the Social-Emotional Education of Lithuania in 2020.

The kindergarten became a member of Sebastianas Kneipas fellowship in 2021.

The vision, mission and philosophy

The vision of the nursery-kindergarten – the kindergarten for everyone and according to everyone.

The mission of the nursery-kindergarten – the achievement of the well-being of children by creating the educational environment that is appropriate to their age and needs, that could assist in everyday life and could be the instrument to the development of the necessary abilities and skills whilst providing quality kindergarten and prie-school educational services.

The nursery-kindergarten community has settled on the common values, to be applied by all members -  responsibility and compliance with the agreements.

The philosophy of the nursery-kindergarten – everyone needs their place. Every child must have a chance to choose the most convenient and effective way of learning.


Address  Vaižganto st. 18, LT-60129 Raseiniai
Phone number +37042851678
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Education programs

Kindergarten grade education program
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